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 The core technology of ecological restoration of water environment

At present,the main problems of urban river pollution are as follows: one being the serious problem of direct drainage of sewage, the second being the overflow pollution of the confluence system, the third being the early rainwater pollution, the fourth being the fault connection and mixed connection problems of the drainage pipe network, and the fifth being the severely damaged ecological system. It can be seen that the source governance is very important in the ecological restoration of water environment.


1. Non-point source pollution control

Adopt LID source control measures, to reduce the amount of runoff entry into the rainwater system and confluence system, to cut the total amount of pollution to the maximum, and at the same time, to strengthen the infiltration, to supplement river flow with groundwater, to reduce the negative impact on water resource reduction brought by the intercepting system; For the early rainwater, overflow sewage and the confluent wastewater beyond the storage capacity of storage facilities, before the overflow, carry out the online outlet governance, to reduce the overflow concentration of overflow pollutants.

2. Optimization of sewage interception system

Carry out transformation of fault or missing connections for rain sewage diversion area, construct the interception type of diversion system, reduce the overflow of the dry season and the early phase of rainwater pollution; Properly increase the interception capacity of intercepting pipe and improve the ability of sewage treatment plant accordingly, reduce overflow capacity of the overflow well, or according to the sewage plant planning and design ability, reasonably determine the interception ratio, reduce the unnecessary investment of interception main pipe and overflow in front of the sewage treatment plant; For the confluent wastewater and the early rainwater beyond the ability of intercepting pipe and the ability of sewage treatment plant, set up the storage facilities near the overflow well for temporary storage, to be sent to the sewage plant after the rain.

3. Outlet pollution reduction

Through the setting of treatment facilities for estuary outlet, conduct online processing for the overflow part beyond the storage capacity, and through controlling the SS index, achieve the reduction of estuary pollutants. As the final processing procedure before the estuary, the online outlet processing technology has significant effect, especially in the area without the construction of storage facilities. At present, the main outlet processing technology includes: particle separator, vortex grit, efficient coagulation precipitation, multi-stage biological filter ponds, ecological detention ponds, etc.



4. Integrated allocation of water resources

According to the function regionalization of water and the goal of water quality, calculate the demand of ecological water, through the total calculation of water resources of different types in the area, analyze the recharge water types and availability, combined with the water quality of recharge water source, work out the allocation scheme of multiple water resources, to realize the security of ecological water demand.

5. Water ecological restoration

Multi-stage compound flow artificial wetland off-site repair technology

According to the characteristics of the northern winter, by the construction of multi-component compound flow artificial wetland and the application of ice sheet thermal insulation technology, improve the impact resistance load capacity of undercurrent wetland, improve the running effect in winter, to form multi-stage compound flow artificial wetland off-site repair technology suitable for water quality improvement of the landscape in northern region.



Three-dimensional building of water ecosystem

Through the substrate improved technology for in-situ control of endogenous pollution, combining with the ecological floating island wetland, underwater forest system, emergent aquatic plant system and aquatic animals system and so on, build the three-dimensional water ecosystem, so as to realize the landscape water quality improvement and water conservation, and to improve the self-purification ability of landscape water system.


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