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To better implement the instruction spirit by the general secretary Xi Jinping in the central working conference of urbanization about vigorous construction of "sponge city", to further advance the key technology research for the sponge city, to achieve the linkage of "production, study and research", to improve sponge city engineering technology research and development, achievements transformation and intellectual property protection level, and to provide service for sponge technology industry development. As one of the earliest practitioners in the field of sponge city construction, Beijing Taining Kechuang rainwater utilization technology Co., Ltd. unites with the units with core competitiveness in the field of water-related fields such as Beijing water science and technology research institute, as well as the experts and scholars in the field of sponge city construction, jointly establishing Zhongguancun Sponge city engineering research institute (hereinafter referred to as the "institute").

The institute is based on knowledge production, knowledge application and knowledge capital, combining the high quality elements in sponge city related disciplines and development, through design, manufacture and test, to be objective and materialized, to continuously improve the maturity, integration and innovation of sponge products and technology, and to promote the healthy and rapid development of the whole industry. The institute is committed to the areas such as sponge city construction, malodorous black water governance, comprehensive improvement of water management, rainwater control and utilization, through research, consulting, planning, design, operation, monitoring, evaluation and so on, to provide comprehensive solutions and the whole-process technical services.

The institute is adhering to the tenet of "comprehensive technology innovation, multidisciplinary collaborative participation, whole-process best service and multi-industry high-end leading", to positively research the core technology conforming to China's sponge city construction strategy development and layout; It is adjusting measures to local conditions to develop related products and promote the industrialization of work; It has established the industry public technology service platform and database; Depending on Taining sponge city industry base, it has constructed the platform for international exchanges. It is committed to become the professional company with social responsibility, keen insight, continuous innovation ability and high growth potential; As the "Whampoa" of sponge city whole industrial chain leader, it is the technical service agency with the international vision and impact force, multidisciplinary networked comprehensive research and development ability, as well as high-level consulting design and maintenance management ability.

Main members:

Beijing Taining Kechuang rainwater utilization technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, one of the earliest companies in China engaged in the control and comprehensive utilization of rainwater, where the business covers construction sub-district, municipal roads, urban green space and square, city water system and river ecological comprehensive treatment and other fields. Taining has more than 150 patent technologies, and it has completed more than 3000 national and provincial and municipal key projects, including the Olympic Games, the World Expo, the Asian games, the universiade and Youth Olympic Games.

At the same time, Taining is one of the authors or drafters for many domestic national standards and industry standards, also it is the co-author of Sponge city construction technical guide and has participated in multiple demonstration projects of sponge city, and it is the sponge city construction all-industry chain service provider in China first building the integration of "planning and design, investment and financing, construction management, operation and maintenance and industrialization".

Water science and technology research institute of Beijing, formerly known as Beijing water conservancy science institute, was founded in 1963, always adhering to the scientific and technological innovation as the power, solving the hot and difficult problems in the water-related field restricting social and economic development of capital as its own duty, relying on the major scientific research projects, to carry out scientific and technological innovation, public service and technical consultation. The business areas include the water-related areas such as water resources, water environment, ecology, disaster prevention and mitigation, engineering quality and environment monitoring, water development strategy research. In the fields such as river basin water environment comprehensive treatment, artificial wetland construction, rain flood management and utilization, comprehensive utilization of reclaimed water, saline-alkali land management and urban agriculture comprehensive water-saving, it has formed the obvious technical advantage, to solve the large quantities of water technical problems restricting the development of capital economy.


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