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The institute is the scientific research institution with global vision and acute insight, understanding of social and urban development trend, grasping the latest information of the industry at home and abroad, reaching cutting-edge scientific research level, gathering leading experts’ wisdom and continuous innovation ability and high growth potential, and it is also the planning and design unit with new technology development and application, in connection with many multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary areas.

It has won 6 items of national awards, 62 items of provincial and ministerial awards, 119 items of internal rewards, with 28 published monographs and more than 540 published papers.

Mr. Pan Xiaojun, Chairman and President and the member of “Housing and urban-rural construction department sponge city construction technical guidance experts committee", Beijing Changping district the fourth session of CPPCC Standing Committee, vice President of Beijing Changping district chamber of commerce and industry entrepreneurs, vice-chairman of Changping district enterprise confederation, Jilin Changchun people's government distinguished sponge city construction Yitong river water environment management technical adviser, as well as the expert consultant of China PPP academy.


We take a series of high and new technology with independent intellectual property rights as the foundation, relying on the major scientific research projects, to carry out the scientific and technological innovation, and we have made the groundbreadking research results, with a total of more than 170 patents approved by the domestic and foreign countries, including 21 invention patents and 1 foreign patent.



With many years of technology accumulation and business innovation, we have participated in compiling nearly 20 items of domestic national standards and industry standards, and participated in the compilation of the national housing and urban-rural construction department Sponge city construction technical guide.

•    Rainwater utilization engineering technology standard for building and sub-district(GB50400-2006)

•     Technical regulation for urban rainwater utilization project(DB11/T685-2009)

•     Permeable brick pavement construction and quality acceptance procedures(DB11/T686-2009)

•    Urban rainwater drainage system planning design and storm runoff calculation standard(DB11/T969-2013)

•    Comprehensive utilization of rainwater(10SS705)

•    Siphon rainwater head(CJ/T245-2007)

•    Technical regulation for Siphon-type roof rainwater drainage system(09S302)

•    Engineering Design specifications for rainwater control and utilization(DB11/685-2013)

•    Technical regulation for building roof drainage system(CJJ142-2014)

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