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Tidelion cooperated with FAW-Volkswagen, created a miracle

    Recently, all Tidelion staff were touched by a thanks letter from for North Base of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive construction Headquarters. Tidelion Construction Management Division finished a more than 7000m2 siphonic roof installation project within 20 days, it not only won the customers recognition, but also created a miracle in the industry.

                                                                           The last one to start the project, the first one to complete the project

    The project is a tight urgent task, coupled with high temperatures and rainy season, it has a great impact on the construction schedule. But with Tidelion co-ordination and efforts, our construction management department complete the project in time      


                                                                           Fight with hot summer and mosquito, hard work won the recognize

   Our staff worked in the water logging workshop where with 37 degree in the daylight and beaten by the mosquito in the night, selfless work not only won the owners and general contracting approved, but also set an example for other professional constructio         


    Rich construction experience: Olympic venues, the Expo venues, airports, railway stations, commercial complex, plant more than 2,000 projects .

Improved the technical product system: more than 100 technology patents, more than 1,000 product patents, participating nearly 100% of the national standard and nearly 50% of the local standards.

    Efficient standard project process: design, product, construction, operation and maintenance of the whole process services. Select Tidelion is a reassuring choice.


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