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[Tidelion Strength] Focus on the field, continuous innovation, from this first to another first

       From China 's first set of siphon rainwater outlet test platform to Beijing's first sponge city key laboratories, Tidelion is focus on continuous innovation and lead the development of the industry.

Small siphon rainwater outlet is full of technology


    In 2003, Tidelion cooperated with Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture to build Chinas first set of siphon rainwater outlet test platform. Achieved water conservancy feature test of a variety of models and specifications’ siphon rainwater outlet,  frictional head loss feature study of horizontal pipeline water conservancy two-phase flow. Through a series of laboratory tests not only significantly improved the system and product performance, while the rapid realize the product transformation and industrialization.


    Our company established an industry and scientific research consortium with the Ministry of Construction Design Institute and Beijing University of Technology, to study the performance of integrated rainwater infiltration and drainage system. Summarized the "rainwater infiltration and drainage integration system" main design parameters according to the test data and results, to develop product applications, complete product upgrades and stereotypes production, improve product competitiveness.



Rainwater utilization process test supplied important base

    Cooperated with the Ministry of Construction Design Institute and Beijing Construction Engineering College, we set a laboratory in our rainwater comprehensive utilization demonstration base. Rainwater utilization process test and the rainwater quality analysis are carried out to provide practical technical process and equipment selection technical parameters for the National Stadium Rainwater Utilization Project, which provides important technical basis for the rainwater utilization project design, production and operation. 




Infiltration, Retention, Storage, Purification, Usage, Drainage where these technologies come from

      In June, 2017, relying on the Beijing Normal University, Tidelion participate in the construction of the City Water Cycle and Sponge City Technology Beijing Key Laboratory was officially unveiled. This laboratory is Beijing's first sponge city area key laboratory. Companies participated in the construction are Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning&Design, Beijing Hydrological Head Station.



       The laboratory focus on the study of urban storm flood simulation and forecasting technology, surface water and underground water storage and sponge city technology, sponge city construction pollution control mechanism and simulation, sponge city technology integration platform and other aspects. Construct an integrated sponge city technical system which combined with surface water and groundwater, water quality and water quantity, flood control and drainage, water resources comprehensive utilization.



     In the future, relying on the advantages of all parties, this laboratory with a leading urban hydrological innovation team would be on behalf of the level of Beijing in this filed, it would be sponge city construction of national talent training base and independent innovation platform, build state-level key experiment laboratory. 

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