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Rainwater comprehensive utilization makes environmental protection more environmentally friendly

     Shougang biomass energy project is one of the key projects of Lujiashan venous industry base. It is a major people’s livelihood project in Beijing which is determined by Beijing Municipal Committee and government. This project uses the “green, environmental protection, innovation” advanced design concept, and the use other energy-saving environmental protection technologies that including the comprehensive utilization of rainwater,,biogas power generation,solar power. The rainwater comprehensive utilization part of this project is finished by Tidelion company.



 This project is located in Mentougou, Beijing. It has two areas: the eastern and the western. The eastern land planning area is 29739m ², the rainwater catchment area of the underlying surface is 1980m². The western land planning area is 97600m ², the rainwater catchment area of the underlying surface is 21300m².


 The project annual rainwater harvesting and utilization volume is 12487m3, The collected rainwater can be used to car washing, green irrigation, road washing and landscape water supply, etc.


 Shougang biomass energy project is the world’s largest waste incineration power plant in one time operation scale. With the rainwater comprehensive utilization and other environmental protection technology, this project’s “environmental protection” is more prominent in people's livelihood project. The project has become the “Beijing Environmental Education Base”, the first “China Renewable Resources Recycling Association energy - saving environmental education demonstration base”.





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