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Zhongguancun sponge city Engineering Institute joined to the twenty-fourth "World Water Day" chari

The activities shared a development concept, including innovation coordination, green, open for leading , to mark World Water Day (March 22) and the China Water Week (March 22-28) as an opportunity to the public popularity to propangada the laws and scientific knowledge of saving water, loving water, protecting water , seeking harmonious development between man and water, promoting water-saving society and water ecological civilization. The Hydraulic Engineering Society executive vice president, Ministry of Water Resources Education Center regimen Li Xianming editor at the opening ceremony delivered a speech.

Subsequently, the units responsible for the student representatives Baizhifang primary school award in the "love the water - saving water protection advocates" ribbon, Baizhifang primary school students and Beijing Youth Water Saving water retaining volunteers read out the proposal. Activities kicked off in charity song "drink from the source," the anthem. During the event, participating units organized a variety of promotional activities, including water-saving publicity, sponge city promotion, protection of rivers and lakes governance publicity, the capital of South Hydra propaganda, water recycling propaganda, propaganda urban drainage, water quality and safety promotion, water-saving appliances display and other contents.

The activities received the support of the China Society of Urban professional members water conservancy water conservancy, water diversion office in Beijing, the Beijing Drainage Group, the Beijing urban rivers and lakes management at the Beijing Water Resources Planning and Design Institute, Beijing hydrological station, water conservation management center in Beijing Beijing suburb water Centre, Beijing water Advocacy Center, city water Department veteran, Zhongguancun sponge Academy of urban Engineering, Taoranting Park Service, Baizhifang Primary School, Xuanwu, Xicheng District Youth Science and Technology Museum, the Children's Palace of Beijing Xuanwu unit.

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