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The leaders of the Housing and Construction Department of Fujian Province and Xiamen City investigat


The delegation visited Beijing Xiangshan Park, the display location of rainwater utilization, Changping Binhe Forest Park and the science & technology of  future for field study, according to the demand of the construction  of sponge city of Xiamen.  The expert of Tidelion has made a explanation and illustration in detail and a discussion and communication deeply with the leaders.

Tidelion completed the demonstration project of sponge city of Xiayang elementary school in haicang district of Xiamen in August 2015, which is ranked as a key project of demonstration with 20 times reception of governments all over the country, setting up a good reputation .

The leaders of Xiamen city attaches great importance to the strength and work of Tidelion according to the visiting of the delegation which also marks the beginning of solid foundation in the construction of sponge city in Xiangan district.

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