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Tidelion Booster the Sponge City Construction of Baoding City Deeply

People’s Government of Baoding and Beijing Tidelion S&I Rainwater Harvesting Technology CO ., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Tidelion Company) jointly signed a sponge urban construction strategic cooperation agreement.



On the signing ceremony, People’s Government of Baoding and the representative of Tidelion Company signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement", according to the agreement, Tidelion Company will act as a construction technology consultant in the field of sponge city of Baoding , taking full professional and technical advantages in the fields of the construction of the sponge city, rainwater control and utilization , the treatment of malodorous black water, water ecological restoration , setting up the sponge city display window and communication platform, the joint zhongguancun green sponge urban ecological industry alliance, zhongguancun sponge engineering institute and other platform organization, promoting the related industry, promoting the sponge urban industry and technology rapid development of Hebei province.



Mayor Ma Yufeng said, the current development and construction of Baoding city is ushering the new opportunities unprecedented but also facing a new challenge of difficult construction task. Baoding is the first national innovation-driven development demonstration city, low carbon pilot city, having very important strategic position in the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, urban and rural development as a whole and new town demonstration construction . According to the requirements of "the Beijing and Tianjin and Baoding region should take the lead in development" in the central "the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei planning implementation summary" , the Baoding city is vigorously promoting urban and rural infrastructure construction, trying to promote the development of urban and rural areas as a whole, and achieving the coordinated economic and social, health, sustainable development, building Baoding city into a harmonious livable new cities, striving to walk in the forefront of the country in the field of sponge city construction. 



Vice chairman Hongwei pan of Tidelion company said when introducing basic situation of cooperation in the signing ceremony, Tidelion company is one of the earliest practitioners in the field of urban construction of sponge city , developing the sponge urban construction industry all chain service provider about "the planning and design, investment and financing, construction management, operation and maintenance, industrialization" in the country firstly, Tidelion company signed with Baoding city government, is attracted by Baoding excellent external environment, it is the key measure of Tidelion to base on Zhongguancun and to radiate the business strategy through the whole country . We will be strict with the agreement having signed, scientific planning, professional design, careful construction, standardize the management, efficient operation, trying our best to work hard in order to achieve Baoding city sponge city construction expected economic and social benefits , and we will make our contribution for Baoding city green economic and social overall development.

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