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The 16th International Rainwater Collection and Utilization Convention Kicks Off



The 16th International Rainwater Collection and Utilization Convention hosted by International Rainwater Collection and Selection Association (IRCSA) and undertaken by Beijing Tidelion S & I Rainwater Harvesting Technology Co., Ltd and Southeast University was held in Beijing on July, 1, 2013. Over 250 industrial pundits, scholars and governmental personnel from more than 40 countries presented the convention and guests exchanged views on rainwater collection, rainwater disposal, re-use of rainwater, climate atmosphere, flood disaster and other relevant fields.

Guo Hong, Director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, showed that in 2012, around 20,000 companies Zhongguancun Model Area fared a gross income of 2500 billion Yuan, among which energy-conservative and environment companies, No. 1500, yielded an income of over 200 billion Yuan with a year-on-year increase surpassing 20%. 194 companies recorded an annual income of 0.1 billion Yuan. As a segmentation industry in energy conservation and environmental sector, development of comprehensive use of rainwater drew high attention from Beijing municipality and Zhongguancun. Beijing built a batch of representative model projects for comprehensive use of rainwater during 2008 Olympics and cultivated leading companies on comprehensive use of rainwater.

Lin Keqing, deputy mayor of Beijing, showed in the opening ceremony that Beijing was the earliest city to implement research and application of rainwater use in China. Beijing would issue Ideas on Further Intensification of City Rainfall Flood Control and Utilization in the near future. He also raised quickened steps of three-year agenda for rainfall flood control and utilization projects (2013-2015) that mainly covered quickening steps of large-scaled backbone rainfall flood conservation project construction, implementation of rainfall flood storage project for city water spots and concave downwards overpass, and intensification of rainfall flood control and use construction of built-up areas

It is known that international rainfall convention is held once every two years. This international rainfall convention was held in Beijing for the second time after the 7th International Rainwater Convention held in Beijing back in 1995. The convention lasted three years and was held in Beijing and Nanjing.

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