Rainwater Storage and Recovery System

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It is applied to various storage facilities with varying requirements on volume that includes PP plastic module combination pool, small-scaled rainwater storage and recycling integration equipment, supporting pretreatment facilities of rainwater as well as integration rainwater processing  facilities following different requirements on water quality. Rainwater can be used in greening, irrigation, field scouring, water used for fire control, non-drinking water, drinking water and such.
Integration HDPE Large-scaled Rainwater Storage and Utilization Equipment                      

With HDPE sealed storage tank as the basal body, it sets up corresponding electromechanical devices inside the tank. The tank can be installed both over ground and imbedded underground. Rainwater collected from roofing or other affluence venues can be simply disposed in the tank. Stored water can be used for flushing the toilet, irrigating green land, washing cars, waterscape and so on through automatic devices. Water level calculation devices are installed in the tank with minimum water level to rein in water absorption and indicate introduction of other sources. It can be widely applied to rainwater collection and use of small-scaled buildings, villas, car wash and accommodations. Plastic module combination pool: plastic module combination pool comprises multiple PP model single blocks that are pieced together into a whole on the construction site and form underground conservation pool by encasing seepage-proofing materials. Single block model adopts PP materials for injection molding that form into different shapes and volumes following rainwater amount and users’ demands. Plastic models with different structural forms and carrying intensity can be chosen following varied carrying capacity. PP composite module pool is speedy in construction, flexible in layout, resistant against aging and alga proliferation, sound in anti-seismic properties, proneness to be permeated and detachable attributes. It can be used along with rainwater permeation and drainage integration system and road water seepage panel to substitute water permeable bricks and hard pavement, improve surface gathered water and remit city inland inundation.


To cater to use demands of different projects and situations, Tidelion Plastics (PP) Module Combination Pool continuously innovates and reforms structural forms of models. It has models with four different structural forms to respond to demands of varying usage environment.
Integration Imbedded Purification System
Fountain, dispersive and small-scaled rainwater disposal facilities for sewage inception and infiltration are set up at each collection terminal with devices for filtration, disinfection and backing wash integrated at the terminal to form whole sets of rainwater processing devices. The imbedded set-up is convenient for installation and saves floor space. Different processing devices are installed following different requirements on water quality.
Rainwater Incipient Spilt-flow Device
Splint-flow of rainwater at the outset is divided to flow type and rainfall regime following different measurement forms. Flow type and rainfall type are routine splint-flow forms of rainwater in the initial period that are to judge degree of purify of rainwater by such means as accumulative flow or rainfall capacity with theoretical source stemming from relevant delineation on that splint-flow amount should be controlled within the range of 2-5 mm in Technical Manual on Rainwater Utilization Projects in Buildings and Communities.

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