Small-scaled Water Body Treatment

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Along with rapidly expanded population and social and economic advancement in the past two decades, environmental conditions of city inland river sand relevant water bodies are worsening. Quantity of wastewater effluent in downtown area is constantly on the rise while sewage disposal fails to keep in tandem with that, which leads to the fact that loading of taking in contaminants in city inland rivers is increasingly severe. Sticking water body and rampant blue-green algae due to eutrophication brings grave threats to water body landscape and residents’ physical health.
City inland rivers should display the basic functions of prevention against flood, drainage of flooded fields, restoration of river, navigation and so on and also should have such functions as ecology, landscape, leisure and travelling. To perform well in channel improvement and realize the goal of ecological landscape is an important goal for city river control
Biological Imitated Grass Grid System
Biological imitated grass grid system adopts high polymer texture with strong biological inertia that has find physical and chemical stability. Biological grid has large specific surface area and void fraction that is applicable to three process courses of microorganism fixed above it: growing period, stability period and endogenous respiration stage. Microbial biomass in the processing pool can be kept at an appropriate quantity so as to guarantee that sewage processing system be under a stabilized status.

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