Roofing Rainwater Drainage and Collection System

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Roofing rainwater drainage and collection system has dual function of rainwater drainage. Following the flow pattern in the roof rainwater drain line, the system includes three systems namely gravity flow, semi-pressure flow and siphon flow. Rainwater in gravity flow system is not fully filled; rainwater in semi-pressure flow system is demonstrated via mixture of air water in pipeline; rainwater in siphon flow system is fully-filled on way. Different system should apply professional roof drain.                      


During raindrop, roofing runoff rainwater is converged in the gutter that enters drain pipe through rainwater of various forms. By installing rainwater sundry sewage inception, part flow arrangement or split-flow devices in the rainwater vertical drainage pipe and blow-off pipe so that it discharges rainwater to rainwater pipe network at the outset of rainfall and when rainfall runoff rainfall reaches the pre-set data, spilt-flow device would automatically turn off the split-flow pipe and the system enters rainwater collection stage with rainwater collected entering water storage pond.


It consists of funnel, pod, effluent nozzle stub, connection pressing plate and rectifier. Pod is the roof drain used to incept leaves and other solid sundries that concurrently displays the effect of rectification; rectifier is an important component of siphon roof drain used to dredge flow, lower rotational flow and cut down air into effluent short pipe of roof drain; siphon roof drain can reach full flow status with smaller water depth before the funnel.

Structure Chart of Siphon Roof Drain

Dozens of siphon rainwater roof drain patented products developed by our corporation are in alignment with Siphon Roof Drain CJ/T245-2007 with displacement varying from 6L/s to 120L/s that are applicable to various types of roofs. The Company is the model base for rainwater use in Research Branch on Building Water Supply and Drainage under Architectural Society of China and a test platform to construct standard siphon roof drain. Roof drains produced by the Company all go through severe tests.

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