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Roofing green is a particular greening form that is a spatial beautification form for water storage, soil sealing and forging of garden landscape by relying on roof platform of buildings. It fully utilizes space, conserves land, improves moisture retention on the roof and saves resources. In the meantime, roofing green can be combined with such measures as conservation pool and rainwater permeation, supply of underground water and so forth to store extra rainwater and reduce loss. When soil dries up, stored rainwater can be used for irrigation, natural water recycle course due to building destruction can be recovered, natural vegetation taken by buildings can be compensated and integrated natural ecological system can be restored.



In October, 2014, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China printed and launched Technical Guidance on Sponge City Building that explicitly stated that roofing green, an advanced greening technology, is to be fused with six policies of ‘permeation, retention, storage, purification, use and drainage’, which is to display an irreplaceably important effect in sponge city building and operation.

Automatic Water Storage Roof Greening Water Storage Model
Formed out of injection molding with PP texture, it is paved at the greening sub-layer and supplements water used for greening by use of moisture reaction capillary tube set up inside the soil layer. It reins in moisture storage capacity through adjustable drainage valve.
Permeation and Drain Board                     

New-typed macrofibre and porous materials for permeation and drainage synthesized out of soil engineering formed with hot melting hydrogen has high carrying capacity, strong lateral water discharge capacity, convenient installation and so forth. By going with soft-type permeation tube, it can effectively collect and remove infiltration rainwater.


In northern area, blue roofing can be adjusted, ie, open water body surface can be set up to store water. It is divided to automatic and passive drainage systems following control properties of roofing drainage appliance.

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