Ecological Restoration System of Water Environment

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As economy advances rapidly, urbanization course quickens pace and population in the river basin expands, more pollutants are flown into the river which far outweigh the capacity of rivers and inflict havoc on rivers to varying degree, bring harm to its ecological system and lead to increasingly grave pollution in water body in the basin.


Improved water environment quality is a building demand for sponge city building. The current ecological resources can be protected, and hybrid junction or misconnection of pollutant raindrop can be averted by removing spot source pollution. Catch basins are set up in all rainwater outlet. Incepted sewage or initial rainwater is disposed on spot or discharged to pollutant processing plant and sewage channel design should stay away from riverbed and river bank so as to avert mixture of river water and sewage brought about by pipe network permeation. It takes co-efforts of multiple sectors and specialties.

Contact Bed Treatment Purification Technology


Aeration biological membrane stabilization pond adds bionic biological membrane and efficiently circulated aeration facility based on traditional black, which improves response efficiency and tops common artificial aerated pond by two to three folds in terms of capacity to remove TN and helps with heat preservation as it can be covered on the surface.

Aeration Biological Membrane Stabilization Basin


Floating Water Processing System
Floating water processing system is an efficient processor with contact oxidation method. The equipment is buoying on the river and lake, which saves input for civil engineering; it spares extra space as it uses natural river body in rivers and lakes for sediment; processing mechanism incorporates activated sludge process and biofilm process which would aerate water body, improves reoxygenation in water body and facilitates natural purification effects of creatures during operation; by combing with gravel technologies and the like, it can largely reduce SS density in water and improve water transparency.

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