Environmental Sewage Inception System for Finished

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After ground convergence, rainwater brings ground contaminants such as mud, humus, organic matters and common compounds dissolved on the earth crust such as germ, virus and so on to terminal pool for rainwater utilization. Pretreatment of rainwater in the initial period is of utmost importance, and fountain, dispersion and small-scaled facilities for sewage inception and infiltration are set up at each collection term to bring down contaminant amount entering rear-end facilities and at the same time provide purer rainwater resources for later-stage rainwater disposal system.
Sewage Inception and Permeation Gutter Inlet
Buffer, incept sewage of and permeate raindrop guided to green belt from hard pavement grounds such as roads, sidewalk and so on and sewage inception frame is set up for facilitating clearing.
Road Environmental Gutter Inlet
It is set up inside the green belt flanking the road that adopts multi-level filter screen and padding for filtration and utilizes infiltration mode for designing with rainwater after filtration staying and infiltrating in the well.

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