Ground Rainwater Drainage and Collection System

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They are discharged into sinking green land or concentrated rainwater collection pond through ground convergence or pipe network by collecting rainwater using such ground facilities as permeable ground, linear drainage ditch, water collection percolation catch basin, environmental gutter inlet and so on, purifying rainwater via split flow, sewage inception, permeation, soil filtration and other mean.


Seepy Materials         

Ceramic silica sand water permeable brick: ceramic silica sand water permeable brick is formed by blending ceramic particle , coal fiber stone and other materials with grain size ranging from 0.05 to 2mm and going through calcination at 1300° high temperature. It is molded in entirety that outperforms its like products with its high intensity, sound water permeability, strong water-retraining property, abrasion performance and freezing resistance.


Structural joint permeable brick:  structural joint is formed during mutual locking by use of aperture between mat formations and special brick designing. Ground converged rainwater is infiltrated through aperture and tidy gravels are used to fill the aperture to prevent scouring.


Pervious concrete: pervious concrete, also known as porous concrete, non-fine concrete and permeable terrace. It is a porous light concrete comprising aggregate, cement and water that is free from fine aggregate and is honeycomb shaped with well-distributed holes formed out of mutual cementation of a layer of thin cement paste encasing coarse aggregate. It features such characteristics as ventilation, permeability and light weight.

Resin Concrete Linear Drainage System                    

Linear drainage system supplants traditional dot mode water feeding pattern by using linear water feeding pattern. It is characterized by short length for water catchment, better flatness in the field, big inflow fracture surface, higher displacement and proneness not to be clogged. Linear drainage ditch adopts resin concrete and PE texture, its fracture surface adopts U-shape structure and its drainage ditch base is more prone to form high flow velocity. It has sound self-cleaning capacity.


Siphon Bridge Floor Outfall                 

It can validly boost rainwater drainage and collection speed, remit ponding on bridge floor, improve transport safety performance, enhance transportation efficiency, and apply rainwater on the bridge floor to water sources for mixed-up purposes such as road cleaning, greening and so on.


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