Drainage System on the Same Floor of Kitchens and

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By combining rainwater comprehensive use system and drainage system on the same floor and with the former as the starting point, an integrated pipeline system is designed, drainage system on the same floor for drainage by means of nonconventional clean water resources such as reclaimed water, rainwater and so on is researched and developed, and toilet flushing technique by use of rainwater is adopted to enlarge the range of energy conservation and water saving
Drainage system on the same floor features multiple characteristics as convenient construction, flexible layout, water conservation, reduction of noise, distinct property right, saving of space, no sanitation dead end, cleanness and aesthetics and so on, which can work out difficult cross-layer maintenance and can be validly combined with toilet flushing with nonconventional water resources. To guarantee safety and durability of concealed installation, most materials chosen are specified tubular products, pipe fitting and concealed water tank. Drainage system on the same floor usually needs close coordinated designing on the inception of project building, and systematic scheme intensification is carried out by combining with professional knowledge on hydraulic computation, actual situation of projects and relevant scheme-related requirements.

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