Finished Goods Blended with Green Infrastructure

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It consists of various spacious space and natural areas including green land, wetland, rainwater garden, forest, local plantation and so on. By combining with Tidelion series products, finished product facilities are incorporated to green infrastructures. Ponding depth of green facilities, plantation variety and effusion facilities are designed following filtration coefficient of water-collecting amount to enhance capacity of green infrastructure system to manage rainstorm, bring down hazard of flood, ameliorate water quality and conserves city management costs.


Multi-layered Biological Detention Pond

Calculate the relation between retention depth and permeation time, soil permeation speed, green buffer facility, overflow designing, filtration effects of soil , balance of recycling dosage and rainfall capacity, time of storage and discharging and displaying of function of front pond through model.
Sinking Green Land LID Overflow Port
Cast iron texture and bulged designing is used to avert blocking that is set up in the sinking green land and magnifies along with elevation of water level. Spillway discharge of single grate square overflow port can attain 40L/s and that of round overflow port can attain 50L/s.

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