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01>> We provide consultancy services for sponge city building


In his speech at the urbanization work convention by the Central Government at the year’s end of 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed that ‘preservation of finite raindrop should be prioritized while elevating city drainage system with priority going to use of natural power for drainage and building ‘sponge cities’ that can naturally pile up, permeate and purify. ”


To put into force President Xi Jinping’s speech and spirits of urbanization work convention by the Central Government, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Water Sources co-released Notification on Implementation of Backing Up Pilot Spot of Sponge City Building with State Revenue (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2014] No. 838) in December, 2014 to unfold the country’s declaration for the first batch of pilot sponge city building. The Notification explicitly expounded that ‘the state revenue allotted special capital subsidies to building of pilot sponge cities at three-year term with detailed subsidy sum being assorted and pinned down following scale of cities, ie., 0.6 billion Yuan for municipalities directly under the central government, 0.5 billion Yuan for provincial capital cities and 0.4 billion Yuan for other cities. An extra 10% is awarded based on the aforesaid subsidiary base is granted to those that reach a certain scale by use of PPP scale.  


In October, 2015, General Office of the State Council issued Guiding Ideas on Propelling Sponge City Building (State Council General Office [2015] No.75) that demanded that sponge city building locally absorbed and utilized 70% of rainwater; by 2020, more than 20% of urban built-up areas should attain requirements by the aim; by 2030, over 80% of areas in city areas should attain the goal; and powerful designing organs of scientific research, construction enterprises, manufacturing corporations and financial assets were encouraged to be blended to build company group or combo with integrated business capacity and coordinate, organize and implement projects related with sponge city building by use of general contract and other means to display the overall efficiency.


With over a decades of experience on rainwater control and comprehensive use projects and by integrating extensively cooperation platform and team of experts with rich experience both home and abroad, Tidelion provided viable planning design and implementation scheme for sponge city building and participated in declaration and construction of more than half pilot cities.  


02>> We advocate treatment at the source and ecological treatment


As a rule, designing guidance mentality for raindrop system is to promptly and swiftly remove direct surface runoff formed out of raindrop, but use of rainwater runoff fails to be taken into account in flow designing. Therefore, on the one hand, investment should be poured to build a gigantic rainwater drainage system to remove rainwater runoff outside cities and on the other hand, underfed city underground water and scanty fresh water resource poses a problem. In other words, rainwater, as a natural water resource, is converted to water contaminants and the huge source for diffusing pollution to outside the city under our current management means.


We perceive rainwater as resources for sustainable utilization. Starting from the source, we adopt different rainwater collection and processing means following varied characteristics of underlying surface and project demands to realize infiltration and utilization on the spot of small and medium raindrop and local retention for large and extra-large raindrop before conducting deferred emission after retention and utilizing deferring of staggering peak to lower pressure of city drainage pipeline net.


Water environment project in Yitong River Basin,Changchun

 03>> We help provide Sponge city Special Planning


Targeting at rainwater runoff, traditional building or remolding projects apply ‘pipe network—river system’ project model by discharging and draining rainwater to the city river system, which neither utilizes comparatively pure water nor validly control non-point source pollution. The solving mentality of dispersive city rainwater management is not to exclude rainwater from the region but to converge it and use public space in the regions to retain, permeate and utilize rainwater and discharge extra raindrop to the city network of drains in an effort to lower the pressure of city network of drains.


In the high urbanization course of our country, if infiltration and comprehensive use of rainwater can be taken into account in rainwater pipe system designing and land planning and rainwater resources can be reasonably and fully utilized, city water resource crisis can be palliated, water content in soil can be boosted and climate can be regulated so that ecological environment in cities can be improved, pipe capacity of needed rainwater can be reduced, urban inland inundation can be relieved, water body pollution can be alleviated and fresh water resources can be added.


We have the field’s first-class team of experts and can comprehensively consider multiple factors, fully coordinate special planning covering overall city planning, drainage and flood prevention planning, water environment treatment planning and so forth, and provide systematic suggestions on planning and designing so that results of planning can be more reasonable and feasible and multiple objectives of contaminant treatment, water resource balance, drainage and water-logging prevention can be achieved.


04>> We provide project designing and management


Water resource problems vary in different cities. Following requirements for sponge city building, designing aims of different projects are also difference. Under normal circumstances, collection and processing means of rainwater at different underlying surfaces are disparate. Through calculation of raindrop amount and by using corresponding management models, retention and use of small and medium raindrop can be realized, retention of large and super-large raindrop can be materialized, and deferred discharging is carried out after retention and use of protection of staggering peaks helps lower pressure of city network of drains.


We have a professional designing team with experience on designing of over 3000 projects that can closely link rainwater system, road, building, landscape and other aspects related with city management. We are capable to fully utilize public space of cities (roof, green land, field, parks and so on) and adopt the management ruse of rainfall runoff to change it to infrastructure with rainwater management function. We also consider water yield and water quality, form a distributed management network from spot to face and conduct disposal and utilization before rainfall runoff reaches receiving water to bring down runoff volume, improve runoff water quality, refill underground water and help with sponge city building.


01>> Building management model


It includes traditional project operation models such as DB, BT, EPC and such and is a traditional service model to run sponge city and rainwater comprehensive use projects in Tidelion Company for all along. At the inception, the Company followed performance indexes for project implementation mandated by governmental departments to carry out project designing and building at the agreed price and at the same time undertake risks for project protraction and overrun expenses. The company adopts this model to successfully execute building of several model projects for sponge cities.


It includes PPP project operation models dominated by DBFO, O & M, DBO and so on and is an innovation model implemented in sponge city and rainwater comprehensive use projects in the late two years in Tidelion Company. With detailed analysis on implementation stage, financial budget, project characteristics, implementation scheme and other cases in each sponge city project, we assist the government to opt for operation model suitable to different projects and get involved in PPP project as social capital party to provide whole-life-cycle services for sponge city project building to local government.


02>> Multiple sector project practice---building and community



Rainfall runoff at the underlying surface in the building area flows into the green belt and purification effect of plantation and rainwater recycle facilities can be fully displayed and recycle use of rainwater resources can be realized through varieties of green land elimination and by using roof greening, ground greening system and ground infiltration pavement.

Nanjing planning and exhibition museum          


the southeast of ASEAN Business District, east to Guihua Road and north

To South Fengling Road. It carries out roof greening design following the development concept with low influence to blend it with the original mountain green vegetation and extend the mountain chain landscape. At the same time, it utilizes roofing to establish hydrocone type rainwater recovery and utilization system. To better realize storage, infiltration and purification of raindrop within a certain region to the maximum degree, it carries out elevation and remolding on three main parts namely hard pavement field, green regions surrounding the exhibition raod and mountain confluence regions to attain the objective of ‘infiltration, retention, storage, purification and use’ and materialize the integrated efficiency of collection and use of drainwater.

New Downtown of Beichuan County, Sichuan

It is located around two kilometers south of Anchang Town and covers a land area of 8 square kilometers. This project stores rainwater at the roofing and road through rainwater filtration system that is filtered to the underground. Permeation of rainwater is concurrently transpiring with water discharging. The aim of bring down conservation of underground and displacement is achieved while drainage effects cannot be affected; and at the same time, scale of construction of network of drains can be reduced and hence building investment can be conserved.


Xiamen Haicang Xiayang Primary School 


Haicang Xiayang Primary School is located in sponge city pilot areas in Xiamen that covers a total area of 27000 square meters with circa 8363.52 square meters of green area and green rate at about 32%.   


Sponge city modification projects: remolding of partial watertight field, status green land, rainwater inlet, rainwater stand pipe and curb; newly-built permeable pavement, pervious concrete, sinking green land, biological retention belt, rainwater garden, rainwater vessel, ecological drainage ditch, seepage well, PP module combination pool and so on.   


70% or 26.8 mm of rainwater of total runoff volume for sponge city renewal should be controlled not to be discharged outside; Aim of non-point source pollution control: lowering of total suspended particulate by 50%

03>> Multiple sector project practice---city road
Back row green belt of Baisha Thoroughfare        

Fully utilize road side zone, green belt and rainwater collection and use function of back row green land, adjust elevation of greenness, guide raindrop outside the boundary line of roads to the green land, lower storm flow peak and alleviate urban inland inundation disaster; fully utilize the effects of ‘retention, storage and filtration’ of green land to reduce rainfall runoff pollution and realize integrated efficacy of greenbelt.



Beijing Future Science and Technology Town                


It is located in Changping District, Beijing that covers a land area of around 10 square kilometers. It is mainly used for research and development of central enterprises settled in it and innovative facilities construction. Zero emission of rainwater spanning one year for the recurrence interval can be realized through collection and utilization of rainwater on municipal administration paths. 255000 cubic meters of rainwater can be stored and filtered on the annual basis, total amount of pollutant flowing into surrounding watercourse can be validly controlled, emission of COD can be reduced by 148 tons and SSS emission can be decreased by 187 tons. Recurrence interval for road drainage is elevated to 10 years from the previous 3 years.


Ecological natural style collection is adopted for extraction of overland runoff by use of ecological ditches to ensure ecological protection of overall drainage basins and allow the city to become a model area for domestic ecological technology in China. Total architectural composition should be referred to within the plot and ecological ditch is adopted for the locality in a bid to bring down pavement of discharge pipe line, add up to surface detention time of rainwater and hence conserve soil.




04>> Multiple sector project practice---city green land and field



City Mountain Park---Nanning Qingxiushan Lanyuan Park (Phase I)           


Scaled slow drainage is carried out in its vertical design by use of natural altitude difference and up-to-bottom multistep multistage storage pond is formed to conserve underground water source; waterfall landscape can take form during wet season through water level overflow linkage; during dry seasons, they demonstrate their original shape with lake scene and mountain scene adding brilliance to each other and natural recycle of water body recovering; rotation and zigzag running water groove both enhances oxygen content in the water body, forms hydrophilic space, forges a landscape of flow watering, enhances evaporation area and improves ecological environment of the area.





Nanning Shore Plaza


By fully using the field and naturally fluctuating ‘micro landform’ and using such measures as ‘restoration, detention, filtration, purification, use and drainage’ and through such effects as natural storage, natural permeation and natural purification, such can be organically combined as collection and use of rainwater resources, control of initial rain pollution, landscape building and park building.



Sewage system in Binhu Road


05>> Multiple project practice---city river system



Optimize the ecological restoration system in the river basin, improve water environment quality and flood prevention capacity in the basin, work out rainwater flood and other disasters and resolve such issues as scarce city water resources and unbalanced distribution. 


Comprehensive treatment of water ecological environment in the river basin incorporates non-point source pollution, interception systematic optimization, dipping contamination of estuary, riverway water quality guarantee and ecological restoration, river ecological water requirements and so on. 




 06>> Multiple sector project practice---facility agriculture



It has been calculated that China sees over 20 billion square meters of rainwater (amounting to one third of nationwide domestic water consumption) is draining via surface of agricultural facilities. How to validly use this quality rainwater resource shall drastically relieve the grave situation of shortage of water resources.


Our new-type system for integrated use of rainwater can efficiently collect and fully utilize rainwater resources, validly bring down water treatment cost, improve production environment and effectively lower extraction of underground water, remit surface subsidence, reduce emission of pollutant, relieves agricultural non-point source pollution and reduce disaster loss. It features considerable economic, social, environmental and ecological efficacy. Promotion and application of this new-type system for integrated use of rainwater facilitates better advancement of facility agriculture and contributes to redressing of scanty water resource, water contamination, surface subsidence and such.


07>> Multiple sector project practice---Island



For households capable of collection in the island, independent accommodation areas have building roof for collection. When calculated at 50 square meters for per capital collection area, it can basically meet water supply volume of households.         


Roof eaves gutter → stand pipe + stand pipe filter unit → small-scaled rainwater storage system → rainwater processing system → water supply system          


For independent households that are not equipped with requirements for collection (building roof is not equipped with facilities or concentrated residential area), set-up of ground collection system converges underground reservoir pool and water is provided to households by setting up supply station of concentrated rainwater resources.


Operation and maintenance of sponge cities mainly comprises of operation and maintenance of sponge city building facilities. The objective of sponge city operation and maintenance is to enable various sponge city building facilities to stably display their set function over the long haul, for which we launch accurate and highly-effective operation and maintenance system.

Sponge city building is a precise project. We adopt digital simulation to unify and congregate climate, hydrogeology, topography and other data and construct mathematical model by revolving upon sponge city building aims. We set up sponge city building facilities in the model by combing with project practice and verify its effects until the simulation scheme for sponge city building takes form. During the construction phase of sponge city project, implementation and construction of sponge city building facilities shall once again be reflected in the model and data are provided for flexible adjustment of scheme during the construction stage through simulation and assessment actual building effects of a single sponge city building facility.

We will set up on-line monitoring facilities on rainfall, flow, water quality and so forth in sponge city following proposals of the model and at the same time adopt the means of the Internet of Things to attain on-line control on classical nodes and key nodes in sponge city building facilities.

Application of intelligent means shall more efficiently realize information integration and processing, which primarily aims at embodying overall operation effects, unfolding potential squawks in sponge city operation, providing accurate route and methods for staffs to intervene with management and maintenance until eventually realizing the goal of intelligent management.



Livable humanity

Advanced rainwater management system caters to the demands of establishing a harmonious city between people and water. Sponge city has more ‘flexibility’ in adjusting to environmental variations and responding to natural disasters and is a water-loving city featuring ‘pure water, green coast and beautiful scene’.

We put innovation of financial services as capital leverage and refer to such means as construction of research institute of sponge city and establishment of joint venture with local government and others to propel development of industries correlated with local sponge building and forge first-class domestic operators on technical consultancy and management services of sponge city building. By depending on relevant companies and partnership organs on the upstream and downstream of the sponge industrial chain in China as well as Tidelion’s strong experts’ team and technical strength in such sectors as planning, building and comprehensive treatment of sponge city and city river environmental system, relevant companies and institutions are driven force to radiate the building concept of sponge city to wider regions.


Industry booming

Relevant industries of sponge city building are booming industries serving domestic industry and societal sustainable development. Sponge city building helps propel city industrial transformation, boost building of relevant industrial chains and development of energy-conservative industries, and realize unification of environmental, economic and social benefits.

We adopt PPP model to provide help for sponge city building in each city. To successfully carry out inter-city partnership, we start by adopting EPC and other modes to carry out model project building and provide help to such financial and technical platforms as city construction fund, technical alliance and so on.

Following requirements by such ministries as Ministry of Finance and so on, we help cities to conduct project identification, assortment and cost-effective evaluation on sponge city. We are propelling implementation of sponge foundation in pilot cities and relieve capital pressure for building of sponge city building facilities in pilot cities.

We are intent to join cities with corporate honors and interests as the guarantee to plunge into sponge city building and put operation effects of sponge city as our core objective.


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