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Sponge city makes big changes of your school

                                                                                 Date: 20th, July 2017         EditorW

    15 schools sponge transformation in Zhenjiang will be completed within this summer holiday. By then, the water-logging problem in the school will be basically eliminated, while the landscape effect will be significantly improved. these sponge school construction is one of the key work of Zhenjiang sponge city construction planning, students would be the biggest beneficiaries.

    No.6 Middle School has 60 years of history. Teaching buildings and other infrastructures are serious aging, when it is raining, the surface rain can't infiltrate. In this sponge construction, to enhance transformation of the original sewage river pipeline, re-construction as sewage diversion pipeline; To divide the school into several rainwater watershed, let the rain flow into the rain garden and green space, and install a storage tank for rainwater harvesting and utilization in the south side. Colorful permeable concrete is also one of the sponge city transformation technical measures, it is not only increase the road infiltration capacity, but also increase the landscape effect. In Zhenjiang Experimental Middle School, the main measures are the implementation of permeable pavement, rainwater garden and the original rain and sewage pipeline transformation, which with the permeable pavement of 3400 square meters, it is maximum to achieve rain infiltration quickly.

   15 schools sponge transformation project has a total investment of 16.5 million yuan, laying 10000 square meters green space, 2000 square meters green space and rainwater garden, 5000 square meters permeable pavement, constructing dozens of module storage tank. Schools green landscape has been significantly improved and enhanced.

   School sponge transformation is a general project in the sponge city pilot cities construction, many people may think that is just a little water problem, whether the need to use such a big investment. In the final analysis, the sponge city construction benefits every person, while the effect of the construction of the sponge city is also obvious to all, so we can look forward to solve the water-logging problem through the sponge city construction effectively

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