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Quzhou, sponge city create a new ecological barrier

                                                                                 Date: 20th, July 2017         EditorW

    The western of Zhejiang , the source of Qiantang River, the ecological barrier of Zhejiang Province, this is Quzhou. Last May, Quzhou was listed as a provincial sponge city pilot. To protect and repair the original ecosystem and build a better ecological barrier. "Zhejiang Province Quzhou City sponge city special planning (2016-2030)", "Quzhou City sponge city construction three years work plan", "Quzhou Municipal People's Government Opinions on Accelerating Implementation" and other policies witnessed the sponge city construction work of more than one year of this city.

    According to the specific circumstances of the city, Quzhou sponge city construction was divided 8 kind categories, totally 45 projects, including sponge square, sponge wetland, sponge park, sponge school, sponge river bank, sponge area, sponge stadium and sponge road. All projects plan to invest 12.5 billion yuan, 15 projects has been completed and 6 projects would be finished at the end of this year, now it completed an investment of 1.06 billion yuan, accounting for 45% of the three-year plan.

   Here we can understand the construction of Quzhou sponge city through the project

   Quzhou ancient wall park renovation project has the area of 16,000 square meters. To achieve the goal of rainwater runoff control, it installs the infiltration pavement on the original riverside park sidewalks, roadway, roadside parking lot. In the Quzhou public football field project, with installing a permeable asphalt, permeable drainage ditch and greenbelt buffer on the road, it not only enhance the transformation of the urban ecological environment, but also meet the public leisure and fitness needs.

Quzhou sponge city construction is not only in the urban area, at the same time many counties are in the preparation of planning and implement the sponge city construction requirements, some projects are actively implement the sponge transformation, providing people's livelihood demonstration project. In 2017, Quzhou City will build 28 new sponge city project and intend to complete the investment of 1.36 billion yuan. It plans to construct the 21 square kilometers core area as the sponge city demonstration area within 3 years.

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