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Wuhan sponge city construction continues to accelerate

                                                                                    Date: 20th, July 2017         EditorW

   Last year’s heavy rain made Wuhan as a sea city, many dangerous situations constantly happened during this rain. People are aware of the seriousness of the city's water-logging. Now with the sponge city construction, Wuhan become a classic case which effective mitigation of urban water-logging problem.

   According to the ‘Wuhan Pilot Sponge city Construction Implementation Plan’, it plans to construct 200 projects in Qingshan and Sixin demonstration area that including residential areas, public buildings, park green spaces and roads during the three-year construction period starting in 2015. Water-logging prevention standard in demonstration zone will be raised to 50 years. In the long term, Wuhan plans to divide 171 sponge cities watershed area in the next fifteen years. To achieve 80% of the urban area reached sponges city building requirements. Through the new renovation and expansion of pumping stations, built backbone channel project, change the pond into a lake, etc. to improve the level of urban water-logging prevention and control.

   Waterlogged schools and overgrown weed parks were the representative issues during the development of Wuhan city. Sponge city construction solve these problems. Wuhan was listed as one of the first batch of national sponge city construction pilot cities, with the infiltration pavement, underground storage tank, sink green land and other technical measures, these problems are solved.

   Qingshan demonstration area has 23 square kilometers, there are 5 kinds areas that including the Old industry area, shantytowns, old residential areas, water-sensitive areas and circular economy pilot areas, it benefits nearly 40 million people. All the projects are expected to be completed by the end of October this year.

  This heavy rain shows the highlight result of Wuhan sponge city construction. We all believe that a new green and ecological city will be left to people, the sea city would be the history as we continuous construct the sponge city.


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