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Classic Case

Ningbo Sponge City

 Pilot project profile

    Yaojiang District is the demonstration area in Ningbo City.It has 30.95 square kilometers. There will be built 153 projects in 6 categories that include sponge-type residential buildings, sponge-type road and square, sponge-type park and green, water remediation and ecological restoration, flood control and drainage and capacity-building projects.

The pilot area divided into 6 construction demonstrations:

 Aquatic ecological protection and remediation demonstration area of Cicheng Town

 Water-sensitive cities to comprehensive enhance the demonstration area of Cicheng New District

 Soil and water conservation demonstration area

 Urban and rural areas of non - point source pollution prevention and control demonstration area

 Comprehensive water-logging prevention and control demonstration area of old town

     New District sponge city comprehensive demonstration area


 More than 70% of the pilot contiguous area reach the annual rainwater runoff control rate of 80%. Make it like a sponge effect that there is no rainwater retention on the ground when light rainy, it wont be water-logging when heavy rainy, and the rainwater isnt black and smelly, reduce the urban heat island.


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