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Chizhou SantaishanPark


The park is located in the intersection of the construction west road and the Luquan road in the Guichi district, which is an open mountain park, covers an area of 148000 ㎡. The green area of the park is so good that the original landform of the park itself can be used to solve the waterlogging, drainage, water and soil loss, and the problem, that if catchment ofsurrounding area can be utilized and stored by the mountain park. Setting up a linear trench together with the bio retention ponds in the south square, which shows the concept of "retention and drainage". Setting up grassed swale and rainwater cycling tank, which shows the concept of “infiltration, storage and utilization”. Setting up a “purification valley” above the central landscape pool, creating a landscape and supply oxygen of Landscape Lake by air flowing, and purifying water by the root of the aquatic vegetation, show the concept of "sponge" of garden.

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