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Changde Taida RunjingGarden

常德 泰达润景园二期改造.png 

Changde Runjing Park Phase II is the first project of courtyard sponge city construction in Changde , which plans the land area of 47600 ㎡, with the roof area of about 8900 ㎡, green area of 23000 ㎡, water landscape area of 1000 ㎡. Before transformation, the comprehensive discharge of runoff coefficient is 0.43, a total land area of 330㎡is set up, by infiltration, retention, storage, purification, utilization and drainage .In order to reaching the target of no water log during light rain, no flood during heavy rain, no malodorous black river, releasing of heat island, in the project of sponge transformation of Changde Runjing Park Phase II, more than ten solutions, like the control of surface runoff, roof runoff, process runoff, real-time monitoring system of sponge city, and display of sponge city construction, are deployed. The existing community is upgraded relevantly, which covers nearly all of the measures, mentioned in the guidance of sponge city construction. This onealso is the first sponge city construction project, which adopts testing platform of rainwater.

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