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Classic Case

K2●Lily Bay

It is located in the plate core of Tongzhou New Town Canal and the five-river junction of the Grand Canal, Yunchao Distributary, Wenyu River, Xiaozhong River and Tonghui River. Its floor area is 87,000 square meters and its building area is 168,900 square meters. K2 Lily Bay extends in all directions with the multi-dimensional road network. It is located at the intersection of Metro Lines M6 and S6 and surrounded by the New Town Business Park, government reserved land, Harvard Medical Area and China Songzhuang Creative Industrial Park. Beijing New Town Canal CBD Core Living Quarters have already come to gradually appear. The community landscape adopts the full crown transplantation, which makes a higher degree of living experience. Among them, there are more than 2,680 households whose kitchens and bathrooms adopt Tidelion same floor drainage technology.

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