Residential district and Commercial complex

Classic Case

Lanzhou Hongyunrun Park

It is located on the south bank of the Yellow River and to the east of Yantan Yellow River Bridge. Its project coverage area is about 558 mu and its gross building area is about 660,000 square meters. The architectural layout has abandoned the barracks-type arrangement. 69 blocks of the high-rise and small-high pure slab-type buildings form such a constellationform composition as of different surroundings and heights.The maximum space between the adjacent buildings reaches 65 meters, in which it has artistically introduced the river valley wind. With perfect ventilation and lighting and fresh air, it has created a natural, ecological and sunny life in a stretch of oasis. Among them, there are, in Phase-I and Phase-II, more than 3,000 households whose kitchens and bathrooms adopt Tidelion same floor drainage technology.


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