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Classic Case

Biomass Energy Project of Beijing Shougang Company Limited

The project is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing City, China. The biomass energy project is divided into east and west areas. For the east area, the planned land is 29,739m2, and the catchment area for collecting rainwater from the underlying surface of the roof is 1,980m2. For the west area, the planned land is 97,600m2, and the catchment area for collecting rainwater from the underlying surface of the roof is 21,300m2. The project collects rainwater from the underlying surface (roof) within the project area. The processed water is used for washing vehicles, watering green plants, cleaning roads, providing landscape water, and reusing the tertiary treated wastewater in the project area. The annual use of rainwater directly collected from the roof on average will amount to 1,062m3 for the east area and 11,425m3 for the west area.

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