Enterprise park and Industry building

Classic Case

Beijing UFIDA Software Park

It is located in Beijing Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base, covering an area of 45.52 hectares. Its building goal is to create the world leading ecological and environment-friendly software park. The waterscape and leisure square within the park has provided a place of leisure and communication for the research personnel. There are seven functional areas in the software park, which are composed of more than one dozen of single buildings. All the functional areas are of mutual independence and interconnection, with the gross building area being about 400,000 square meters. The general thinking for the rainwater comprehensive utilization within the whole park is to use the collected roof rainwater for the formation of the water landscape and at the same time use the rainwater for the greening irrigation water and make the ground rainwater supplement the underground water through the infiltration thereof. It is designed to discharge no rainwater out of the park biyearly and to collect 66,000 cubic meters of rainwater annually.


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