Enterprise park and Industry building

Classic Case

Tangshan Continent Villeggiatura Holiday(Phase I & Phase ll)

It is located in between Tangshan City and Fengrun District, seven kilometers away from the Northern Outer Ring of Tangshan and eight kilometers away from the downtown of Fengrun. It is closely adjacent to Tangfeng Road --- Tangshan’s No. 1 Yingbin Avenue, the main traffic roads to connect the two urban areas. With more than 8,600 mu of project land and only 2,000 mu of construction land, it is such a large-scale urban complex as to strive for creating a green ecological community that integrates the vacation and leisure, entertainment, business and living. It is designed to pursue the “three balance” of production, livelihood and ecology and advocate such a lifestyle as of “happy life”. Among them, there are more than 3,999 households whose kitchens and bathrooms adopt Tidelion same floor drainage technology.

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