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National Swimming Center

Located at the Beijing Olympic Park, it is the main natatorium of the Beijing Olympic Games and also one of the landmark buildings of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. According to the project plan, its construction land is 62,950 square meters, its total construction area is 65,000-80,000 square meters and its length/width/height is 177m × 177m × 30m, shaping into a cube. Its roof rainwater is designed to be drained and collected through the siphonic rainwater system before it is used for the supplement of the landscape water of the moat around the Water Cube. The rainwater is designed to be purified through the circulation processing system to reach the quality of the landscape water. Because National Aquatic Center would be the banquet hall  in 2014 APEC conference, square and road around there are re-constructed in a large scale. The company is chosen after strictly evaluation. According to the infiltration design with characters of beautiful, excellent infiltration and fantastic load bearing capacity, sand-based infiltration brick of green gray color is the pavement to pave this 7000m² square. During APEC conference, Tidelion’s infiltration brick withstand the test of fleet’s rolling of heads of state.

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