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China New International Exhibition Center

It is located to the west of Beijing Shunyi Airport Industrial Development Zone and east to the Capital International Airport and bordered to the west with Wenyu River Ecological Corridor. Its total planned land is 155.5 hectares and its gross building area on the ground is 660,000 square meters, of which the ground floor area of the exhibition halls and ancillary facilities is 400,000 square meters and the ground usable area for the eight exhibition halls in Phase-I would reach 100,000 square meters. With their total water catchment area being 122,120 square meters, the eight exhibition halls and their ancillary buildings adopt 84 systems, 128 YG80A-Type roof drains and 122 YG100A-Type roof drains, with the total water drainage of 6746.2 L/S. With their total water catchment area being 22,902m2, the ancillary buildings of the exhibition halls adopt 16 systems and 76 YG80A-Type roof drains. With its water catchment area being 5,520m2, the complex building adopts 4 systems, 4 YG80A-Type roof drains and 10 YG100AType roof drains.

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