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Jiaxing Sponge City Construction

 1.Pilot project overview

The area of Jiaxing City sponge city construction pilot demonstration is 18.44 square kilometers. There are four kinds area that have old town transformation demonstration area(including the combined system area in the middle of the city), Nanhu key protected demonstration area, urban renewal demonstration area and new town construction demonstration area. The total investment of the pilot project is about 5.1 billion yuan, Involves 10 categories: the transformation of the residential area, the transformation of public buildings, green parks transformation, municipal road reconstruction, dredge the river water, drainage network survey and repair projects etc.
Construction goals

overall target of the annual total runoff control rate was 78% ,Integrated flow runoff coefficient decreases from 0.58 to 0.55,Water area rate reach 13.93%,Rainwater resources utilization rate is not less than 11.87%,Nanhu, Changshuitang, Haiyantang and other trunk water system in the demonstration area have 20% waters to meet the water environment functional area standard ( class water).

3.Changshuitang,Changyantang water culture ecological corridor PPP project of Jiaxing City


This project total design area is 3.7 square kilometers. The demonstration area contains three single areas, one is Citizen Square and the surrounding plots (Citizens Square and the surrounding area, Changyantang, Yongjun Road and surroundings, Nanxi west Road,Xinan Lake, Changyantang, Shanghai-Hangzhou railway and surroundings), one is Changshuitang water culture ecological corridor(Along Shanghai-Hangzhou railway blocks area and Changshuitang), the another is residential district land (Changshui Road, Nanhu Street,Zuili Road and Shanghai-Hangzhou railway and surroundings ). In a word, this project construction contains municipal square and green space, residential district and urban roads, urban water surrounding green corridor.



Master plan instruction

 Build a new landmark of Jiaxing water culture, Domestic Sponge City pilot demonstration area, The first drinking water source to maintain the water culture ecological corridor base.

 Combined modern ecological purification technology with Jiaxing water city culture, silk handicraft culture and land of milk and honey agricultural culture, that is the combination of nature and culture. Combined with the status quo, use the linear design to combine cultural and landscape functions together. Improve the original waterline, change the speed of water, create a biological habitat.



Design highlights

 Respect for nature, building a vibrant river bank, forest shore, water culture ecological corridor. 


Project 1: Citizens Square and the surrounding area

Design Concept


 Water purification and landscape improvement as the core, to create a typical Sponge City transformation which is involved public construction, large square and green space. To achieve the objectives of regional ecological environment restoration, water environment improvement, improve drinking water sources quality.At the same time,  to create a city landscape, show Jiangnan water culture characteristics.



Project 2: Changshuitang water culture ecological corridor

Design Concept


  Combined the cultural topic and master plan according to the status quo. With the crisscrossing of the water network in Jiaxing City, using different strategies,to build the water culture ecological corridor that has Jiangnan water culture characteristics.



Project 3: Residential district land

  Design Concept


Fully combined with Jiaxing river network characteristics, to take the “intercept the pollution at the source, control regional volume”construction strategy. Using the existing green belt, stranded to infiltrate the rain, to retain the status quo and improve the community environment combined with the design concept, establish a vibrant community communication space, construct a beautiful environment of the sponge city landscape, and through the rich river network, make each sponge block organic series together, form a sponge city ecological chain.



 This project is not only has the control of the source, low impact development, but also has ecological restoration, water culture construction. It is the typical representative of Jiaxing Sponge City construction.



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