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Tidelion has won 97 out of over 150 patents it applies for

With years of technical accumulation and business innovation, Tidelion contrived to seize absolute advantages in the technical sector. The company has been involved in formulation or drafting of several industrial norms and regulations in China and serving as an editor-in-chief or participator in compiling the following (but not limited to) national criterions and codes of practice.

CJ/T 245-2007】《虹吸雨水斗》 Siphon Roof Drain

GB50400-2006】《建筑与小区雨水利用工程技术规范》 Technical Regulationl of Raindrop Use Project in Building and Community

09S302】《雨水斗选用及安装》Selection and Installation of Roof Drain

CECS 183:2005】《虹吸式屋面雨水排水系统技术规程》Technical Regulations of Rainwater Drainage System of Hydrocone Type Roof 

CECS 247:2008】《建筑同层排水系统技术规程》Technical Manual on Drainage System on Same Floor of Buildings

09BSZ1-1】《建筑卫生间同层排水系统》Drainage System of Toilets on Same Floor in Buildings

10SS705】《雨水综合利用》Comprehensive Utilization of Raindrops

SZDB/Z 49-2011】《雨水利用工程技术规范》Technical Manual of Raindrop Use Projects

DB11/685-2013】《雨水控制与利用工程技术规范》Technical Manual of Raindrop Control and Utilization Projects

DBJT29-18-2013】《天津市建筑标准设计图集》Standard Designing Collective Drawing of Building in Tianjin

《海绵城市建设技术指南——低影响开发雨水系统构建(试行)》Technical Manual of Sponge City Building----Construction of Rainwater System with Low Influence (Trial)

15BS14】雨水控制与利用工程(建筑与小区)Rainwater Control and Use Project (building and community)

Stipulations on collection and use of rainwater in Kunming

Methods on scheduled water use in Shenzhen

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