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Pan Xiaojun, President of Beijing Tidelion S & I Rainwater Harvesting Technology Co., Ltd

I feel delighted as its my very first time to partake in the Membership Representative Conference of Beijing Confederation of Trade Unions (Chamber of Commerce). Innovation is the fountain and impetus for advancement for a country, its nationality and an outfit. Mayor Chen mentioned innovation for several times in his work report and indicated that Beijing Confederation of Trade Unions edges ahead in innovation and makes innovation during progress in the past five years. Membership companies and grassroots trade unions are main body and vital force of innovation and we highly expect to seize upon the opportunity, mobilize the enthusiasm of grassroots trade unions and all members before propelling rapid advancement of its course.


Advancement of Tidelion is also accredited to development and innovation of the confederation of trade unions. In the past five years, Tidelion has been an active figure in participating in servicing Olympics and multiple welfare activities performing social responsibilities by undertaking 21 Olympic and Olympic supporting projects. In other words, the Company is a forerunner countrywide in terms of raindrop comprehensive usage and water saving technology at the same tier, which fills up the domestic blankness at different eras.

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