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Beijing Tidelion owns a horde of young people with aspiration, wisdom, responsibility and experience.

They are professional

They are all from first-tier cities, were once employed in worlds Fortune 500 and have rich empirical experience. They are marketing strategists, observer of tactics, plotter of brands and model innovator; they are marketing strategists, advertising innovation school followers, researchers of core product technologies and people for collecting, utilizing and integrating raindrops.

They are a team   

They are a true team.     

They make joint commitment and undertake responsibilities together. They share information, viewpoint and innovation and make decisions in tandem in a bid to assist each staff to work better. They lay more emphasis on value-added effect brought about by joint work of several staffs rather than solely on individual objectives.          

They make joint contributions by revolving upon a goal all staffs have faith in. In concerted efforts, they face challenges, share division and equally share work results.


They have passion, vim, aspiration and ambition  

Tidelion people carry ideas, crave for development and are bold enough to put into practice. 

They are brimmed with vim with profound details; they are passionate yet can endure loneliness; they have aspiration rather than fantasy; they have ambition but are void of fickleness; and they have infinite innovation and turn down triteness.

Their joy 

In here, they are complementing each other’s advantages without fretting that implementation of their ideas would be limited within the ken of their capacity; in here, sincere advice shall be granted to all ideas before they can be brought to perfection; in here, they have companionship; and in here, their work is approved and their efforts are paid back.


In here, they are living. So whats the point of being unhappy?

This is our team.

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